Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congratulations Oddball Knitters!

Our Original Oddball Baby Blanket project is almost complete!

We started our first Oddball Baby Blanket in the Fall of 2007. Each blanket was knit by 6 different knitters, then a crochet border was added to make them complete. The blankets were cast on by the first knitter, then mailed to the next knitter, then mailed to the knitter after that, and so on. The blankets were kept on the same knitting needles throughout their creation, so each knitter only had to add their yarn and start knitting! Sometimes, knitters would include gifts in the package, to make it more fun. :)

(Now, our list of knitters has grown beyond what I can handle by myself, so we have split into regions all over the country. )

We are just now completing all the blankets we started as a large group. So far, we've finished 31 blankets!!! And we're still finishing up 5 more. So, that will be a total of 36 handknit blankets for the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Yippee!!!

Way to go, Oddball Baby Blanket Knitters! :D

Here's a view of some of our completed Oddball Baby Blankets:

Consistent Pattern Baby Blanket West Coast Blanket Patriotic Party after Spikey Fruity Loops Finished Fairy Dance Complete Purple Paradise after gmmarton Neon Fun Complete Rainbow Joy Complete Angel Wings Complete Easter Basket after jjminarcik Summer Fun Complete Jewelry Box Complete 2 Melon Medley Complete Sunny Days Complete Neon Rainbow Complete Red Roses Complete Fruit Stripes Complete Sunshine Punch ready for border Speed Racer Complete Wildflowers Complete Flash