Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Completed Baby Blankets

Woo Hoo! Now we have LOTS of baby blankets, ready for the children's hospital!!

Our blankets are look more creative everyday! :)

"Speed Racer"
Handknit by HollyP, threesmom, gmmarton, pinnut3200, and kellee0302
Speed Racer Complete

Handknit by Spikey, MAmaDawn, kellee0302, LBECK, and Shandeh
Wildflowers Complete Flash

"Sunshine Punch"
Handknit by threesmom, Spikey, traceleighj, LBECK, HollyP, SteveDallas, and KnittinMitchie
Sunshine Punch ready for border

"Rainbow Sherbet" (we DEFINITELY need a new photo of this one! Ha!)
Handknit by bethany, howdovely, Spikey, kellyh57, and boo1
Rainbow Sherbet after howdovely

"Puppy Dog Tails" (Hopefully, we'll get a new photo soon)
Handknit by stagebear, threesmom, EvanstonMichelle (Ravelry), knittinicole, kayrun, and jjminarcik
Puppy Dog Tails after threesmom

"Fruit Stripes"
Handknit by Ladylou, Constance123, bethany, Secksiebrat, Robinknits, mamapaulsel, and LBECK
Fruit Stripes Complete

"Happy Bluebirds"
Handknit by Robinknits, Auburnchick, Karne, nostash2big, Spinningcrna, and MamaDawn
Happy Bluebirds Complete

"Rainbow Joy II"
Handknit by gmmarton, Spikey, kellyh57, auburnchick, wickedphantm, and HollyP
Rainbow Joy II Complete

"Red Roses"
Handknit by Spikey, grannydani (Ravelry), pinnut3200, Robinknits, and HollyP
Red Roses Complete

"Neon Rainbow"
Handknit by gmmarton, MAmaDawn, howdovely, pinnut3200, LBECK, and Ladylou
Neon Rainbow Complete

"Sunny Days"
Handknit by Shandeh, alleusion, rissa, kellybigeyes, kellee0302, erngrn, and KnittinMitchie
Sunny Days Complete

"Summer Fun"
Handknit by Secksiebrat, auburnchick, Spikey, pinnut3200, and cdjack
Summer Fun Complete

"Jewelry Box"
Handknit by MAmaDawn, rissa, Constance123, kellee0302, onb4050, auburnchick, and KnittinMitchie
Jewelry Box Complete 2

"Melon Medley"
Handknit by gmmarton, auburnchick, Ladylou, kellyh57, bethany, wickedphantm, and LBECK
Melon Medley Complete

"Ocean Waves"
Handknit by traceleighj, Constance123, gmmarton, Foxyie, jjminarcik, and Snowbear
Ocean Waves after jjminarcik

"Firetruck Lane"
Handknit by MAmaDawn, HollyP, pinnut3200, Robinknits, Constance123, and Snowbear
Firetruck Lane after Robinknits

"Easter Basket"
Handknit by Shandeh, Secksiebrat, bethany, auburnchick, pinnut3200, and jjminarcik
Easter Basket after jjminarcik

"Angel Wings"
Handknit by Tobinknit, mom2hancj, Shandeh, bethany, kellyh57, auburnchick, and jhelanee
Angel Wings Complete

"Blues and Greens"
Handknit by Foxyie
Pretty Baby Blanket from Foxyie

"Rainbow Joy"
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, Foxyie, auburnchick, gmmarton, and Spikey
Rainbow Joy Complete

"Neon Fun"
Handknit by Shandeh, Doodknitwit, howdovely, mom2hancj, pinnut3200, and auburnchick
Neon Fun Complete

"Purple Paradise"
Handknit by Shandeh, Foxyie, Secksiebrat, jhelanee, HollyP, and gmmarton
Purple Paradise after gmmarton

"Fairy Dance"
Handknit by Shandeh, gmmarton, traceleighj, auburnchick, suziehomemaker, and Robinknits
Fairy Dance Complete

"Fruity Loops"
Handknit by Shandeh, HollyP, auburnchick, losnana, SteveDallas, and traceleighj
Fruity Loops Finished

"Patriotic Party"
Handknit by Shandeh, Suziehomemaker, gmmarton, MAmaDawn, Spikey, and bethany
Patriotic Party after Spikey

"Mexican Fiesta"
Handknit by Shandeh, Secksiebrat, kayrun, Robinknits, kellyh57, and Snowbear
Mexican Fiesta Complete

"Peppy Pastels"
Handknit by Shandeh, Doodknitwit, howdovely, rissa, jhelanee, and Tobinknit
Peppy Pastels Baby Blanket Complete!

We have completed some other blankets, but are waiting for a final photograph.

"Dreamy Blues"
Handknit by HollyP, gmmarton, Secksiebrat, cdjack, MAmaDawn, and Snowbear
Dreamy Blues after 5 knitters

"Shamrock Hills"
Handknit by Shandeh, debinoz, jjminarcik, Foxyie, bethany, and Snowbear
Shamrock Hills after Foxyie

"Happy Crayons"
Handknit by gmmarton, suziehomemaker, pinnut3200, Spikey, Constance, and Snowbear
Happy Crayons after Spikey

"Pretty Princess"
Handknit by Shandeh, Robinknits, suziehomemaker, traceleighj, auburnchick, and Spikey
Pretty Princess after auburnchick

"Berry Bliss"
Handknit by Shandeh, wickedphantm, HollyP, pinnut3200, suziehomemaker, and kayrun
Berry Bliss after pinnut3200

And here are some blankets that were knit over a year ago, by several members of the Knitting Help Forum:

"West Coast Blanket"
West Coast Blanket

"No Name Blanket" (tee-hee)
Consistent Pattern Baby Blanket

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Blankets in Progress

Here's the list of blankets we are currently working on:

Pink Power Pink Power after auburnchick
Shandeh - complete
cdjack - complete
gmmarton - complete
Spikey - complete
auburnchick - complete
karne (Ravelry) - knitting her section

Just Ducky Just Ducky after Ladylou
knittinicole - complete
pinnut3200 - complete
wickedphantm - complete
Constance123 - complete
traceleighj - complete
Ladylou - complete
knittinicole - adding border now

Fairy Land Fairy Land after threesmom
Ladylou - complete
boo1 - complete
threesmom - complete
MAmaDawn - complete
onb4050 - complete
Shandeh - adding border now

Rainbow Blocks Rainbow Blocks after Spikey
Robinknits - Red - complete
pinnut3200 - Orange - complete
knittinicole - Yellow - complete
HollyP - Green - complete
threesmom - Blue - complete
Spikey - Purple - complete
MAmaDawn - adding a crochet border

Pastel Rainbow Pastel Rainbow after Ladylou
threesmom - Pink - complete
bethany - Light Orange - complet
pinnut3200 - Light Yellow - complete
Ladylou - Light Green - complete
MAmaDawn - Light Blue - complete
Spikey - Lavender - complete
LBECK - adding border