Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oddball Baby Blanket Knit-Along!

Members of the Knitting Help Forum have decided to make baby blankets for charity, using washable yarn in our stash. We each work on the blanket, then mail it to the next person, for them to continue working on it.

When the blankets are complete, we give them to charity!

Snowbear started us off, borrowing the idea from Shandeh, who came up with the idea making full-size blankets. The baby blankets are much quicker to complete, and fun to work on!

Now, Snowbear is having some health issues, so the rest of us are taking care of things for a while.

Get better, Snowbear!!

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Leslie said...

It's so much fun being a part of this great project! I just organized my stash this morning to see if I have "enough" colors. I finally realized that I can NEVER have enough colors!

I'm currently working on my square for the log cabin blankies. This is so much fun and very addicting.

Thanks for the blog!