Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Blankets in Progress

Here's the list of blankets we are currently working on:

Pink Power Pink Power after auburnchick
Shandeh - complete
cdjack - complete
gmmarton - complete
Spikey - complete
auburnchick - complete
karne (Ravelry) - knitting her section

Just Ducky Just Ducky after Ladylou
knittinicole - complete
pinnut3200 - complete
wickedphantm - complete
Constance123 - complete
traceleighj - complete
Ladylou - complete
knittinicole - adding border now

Fairy Land Fairy Land after threesmom
Ladylou - complete
boo1 - complete
threesmom - complete
MAmaDawn - complete
onb4050 - complete
Shandeh - adding border now

Rainbow Blocks Rainbow Blocks after Spikey
Robinknits - Red - complete
pinnut3200 - Orange - complete
knittinicole - Yellow - complete
HollyP - Green - complete
threesmom - Blue - complete
Spikey - Purple - complete
MAmaDawn - adding a crochet border

Pastel Rainbow Pastel Rainbow after Ladylou
threesmom - Pink - complete
bethany - Light Orange - complet
pinnut3200 - Light Yellow - complete
Ladylou - Light Green - complete
MAmaDawn - Light Blue - complete
Spikey - Lavender - complete
LBECK - adding border


Sandy said...

What a cute idea, how does one determine the size, and how does it travel without stitches getting twisted etc, before they're put back on needles?

Sounds fun, though perhaps a bit expensive when you think of the postage that is paid over and over for each one.

Blog walking this am, and have totally forgotten where I was before here....maybe Homespun Helpers or 25 Things for Charity.

Keep up the good work,

are the groups formed in sorta of geographic areas?

Shandeh said...

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the comment. :)

Each of our blankets is started on a circular knitting needle, then stays on the SAME NEEDLE throughout all of its travels to other knitters.

Each knitter just takes the project out of the package, adds their own yarn, and starts knitting. So, you see, our stitches never get twisted. :)

The postage can get expensive, but we still enjoy the process. We sometimes send little gifts along to each other, just for fun. Sometimes we send tea bags or coffee or handmade soap, or nice yarn.

We can definitely use help with our postage, though. There is a paypal donation button on each of our blogs, where postal funds can be given to help our project.

Our baby blanket knitters are NOT arranged geographically. It's just a free-for-all, where members of the Knitting Help Forum and Ravelry ask to participate in specific blankets. Each of our blankets is given a name, to help with color choice. So, knitters inevitably gravitate toward the names that appeal to them.

About the blog walking, you probably got here from the "25 Things for Charity" blog. I post there as well. ;)

Take care!

Shandeh said...

About the size of our blanket, each of our blankets is started with 90 to 110 stitches. There are 6 knitters for each blanket. When they are complete, we sometimes add a crochet border. So, they end up measuring about 30 inches square.

Julie S. said...

I'm sure I took pics of Sugar & Spice. You can check my Flickr account and upload them.

Shandeh said...

Thanks Julie! I haven't updated the blog in a while. I plan on working on it this week.